Tuesday, May 6, 2008

so called "Golden week"

The long holidays have been over,,,it's called "Golden week". We had 4 days off from school and work. It started from 3rd Saturday ended on 6th Tuesday, today. What have I done during this vacation,,,is just having fun with my friends.
The first day, I joined a BBQ being held by one of English conversation club member during daytime, then at night we went out for drinking. At the bar, I met an old friend from Vancouver staying whom I hadn't met years,,,what a coincidence! My city is so small that everyone knows each other, strong connection.
The second day, 4th, I went to a kite festival near my town with my friend and her family. In this festival, there is an extra event inviting a popular singer. We wanted to see him. His name is Jero, black guy who sings Enka which is a local Japanese song genre. He became popular these days so he's on currant topic. We enjoyed the festival a lot, because the show was fun, moreover the sports kite demonstration was fabulous! It was like moving with their will. So cool!
I didn't do anything on 5th besides cleaning my room.
And today, 6th, I played tennis with my friends from English club member. Not having been lectured in any class, so I'm not a good tennis player, but somehow I like tennis. We played it for 2 hours, so fun but exhausted,,,I felt profoundly that I'm not teenager anymore.
Now I switch systems holiday one to daily one. I gotta do many things for my futher way.


Lori said...

Takako -- sounds like a great break. I could use one myself...Who was the friend you met from your time in Vancouver? Anyone I know?

Takako said...

Hi, Lori. yah, it was a great break. How's yours? Have you had any great one so far??
And I think she isn't your acquaintance,,, her name is Aya, she stayed there very early days of my staying. I don't see many friends from Vancouver in japan because I didn't have many Japanese friends there,,, However I still keep in touch with some friends! like you!!