Saturday, April 26, 2008


I went to Kyoto today. I sometimes go there for exhibitions, and it's not so far. It takes 2 hours and half by train.
This time, it was for an exhibition of "Kyosai". This artist was active during end of Edo to Meiji period, middle to end 19th century. He is better known abroad, because he had an English disciple, an architect Josiah Conder, and there is a big collection in Europe, such as Guimet Museum or British Museum.
His works are fabulous. His drawing technique is outstanding and he studied about classic Japanese art and modern European art. He was cultured man and formed a friendship with foreign people. In his works they are filled with humor and sarcasm with wit, not only beautiful but same time so cool! I even feel his personality. I think he was a man who don't see people with a label. He could face to a foreigner not as "a foreigner" but "a person", that's the reason why Guimet or Conder liked him.
19th century is the period that Japan opened a country to foreign intercourse, which is very interesting period, therefore society, culture and people all were in agitation.
What makes me excited when I meet art works is that I can feel people from them. Although it's made in far from now, I feel touching people who made it. Today, I certainly felt Kyosai who lived through the modern Japan, Meiji period.

After visiting the exhibition, I was wandering around in Kyoto city. Kyoto is located in a basin, so it's really hot in summer (even summer in Japan is deadly hot, it's more.), and very cold in winter. However, in this season, it's really calm and the city is charming after all. The long history gives significance to Kyoto, I suppose.

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