Tuesday, May 13, 2008

stirring up

that's not fair,
even I know there is nothing to do.
it's too far.
I cannot touch, feel nor hear.
maybe I take it heavily more than I should do.
but with this situation how can I endure.

it'd be certain, if I were there,
it'd not happen, if I weren't there.

that's completely unfair.
and I know there is nothing to do.
it's too late.
because now my desire goes so far.
and somewhere I'm surprised myself being able to do.
but same time I'm afraid so much of the future.

I cannot give him up after all,
notwithstanding my fear.
although it seems absolutly impossible,
the way going is unpredictable.
the life is like walking blindly, supposing the world.
now then, why don't we take the imaginally reality as a pleasure?

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