Thursday, May 15, 2008

15 May

I found it's a just middle day of May...really time flies.
Of course I go to school everyday and study at the library for 3 or 4 hours, but I just can make few result. The good fruit doesn't ripe easily,,,I know. Yet, I'm impatient, too eager for the result!
It's disadvantage for the life. I should know better,,,

I'll have been busy this month. Almost all weekend I have something to do, which is appropriate for a student.
This weekend I'm supposed to go to Nagya for taking a test and a lecture. these would be some essentials for my career. And the next one is to be long school holiday, so I go to Tokyo to visit some exhibitions and friends. It's reallg good to have some friends who let me stay every where in the world, I'm grateful for this profoundly. The last weekend of May, I have to take an interview test. I'm really nervous with this,,,,
In June, I already have some promisses with my friends. I've never been such popular so far! it's weird,,,haha.

I'm planing to hold an exhibition in September. It will be of old Wajima lacquer wear bowls. Since the earthquake hit there, many old lacquer wears were found from dameged wearhouses. I plan this exhibition for preventing them from being scattered. I believe they are important proof of artisans' history in Wajima.
Preparation should get started from now. I hope it'll be good one and many people will see it, because I believe they are beautiful human works which have significance.

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