Wednesday, May 21, 2008

one assureance

A school located in London give me a permission of the entrance. I got one place to go after graduation, and that is the one I eager to go.
This school name is London College of Education, Graduate school. and I'm supposed to take a course of Japanese Language Teaching, so after 2 years I'll be a Japanese teacher, hopefully,,,
Of course, I have some anxiety about this, but I have only way "just do it". Moreover, I don't know why though, I feel I 'll be ok there.


Lori said...

that's brilliant! Is teaching what you really want to do? A warning though -- London is very expensive to live, and the people there drink a lot!

Takako said...

well, London should be really effort-needed city for me. Both studying and living, moreover drinking! I want to know what I can do there though. thanks for your worring about me!