Thursday, August 28, 2008

my the first and maybe the last exhibition.

I'm going to have an exhibition of Wajima lacquerwares.
I've been reserching Osaki Lacquerware store in Wajima since my graduation thesis. In this time, I organize the exhibition of their old sample lacquerwares.
大崎漆器店 Osaki lacquerware store

There will be the samples of lacquerd bowls design from Taisho(1911~1925) to Showa(1925~1989) period. They are valuable material for the history of the Wajima Lacquerware. The earthquake last year waked them up from the old storhouse.
These tablewares are a little different from typical "Wajimanuri". The skill and ingenuity of the artisans who have made the history of the Wajima Laqcuerware are integrated in these a bit old tablewares. I introduce these beautiful laqcuerwares.

期間 :9月12日(金)~16日(火) AM9~PM5(最終日 ~PM3)
Term: 12th to 16th september 9 am.~5 pm. (the last day untill 3 pm.)
Place: Hieosaka-Kyukeikan (next to the art gallery of Ishikawa) 

I'll be glad if you visit this little exhibition. thank you.

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