Wednesday, April 2, 2008

days with parents.

Now I'm in my home town where near Nagoya, central part and Pacific sea side of Japan.
It's been 3 days since I came back. It's warmer than where I live now, Kanazawa, therefore almost all cherry blossoms are blooming fully.
I think especially in spring time Japan is more beautiful than usual. The climate is the best in this season, and flower is everywhere. Even I prefer autumn, whenever spring come I'm excited.
It's said that Japanese people are obsessed with cherry blossoms, but if you see them, you'll understand. They have mysterious charm.
Cherry blossom blooms just for one week. Then when it's falling petals, it's like whitey pink storming. and during the nights, cherry blossoms are sometimes lighted up and they seem even sexy. being hold by darkness they show deeper colour with a lamp.
There is a rumor which says "Actually a cherry blossom's flower is white. but it seems pink, do you know why? under a cherry blossom there is a corpse, and they absorb blood from them."
it's a bit spooky though attractive. It sounds "femme fatal". And Japanese people are obsessed with these women and have a parties under them, for admiring their beauty.
Moreover, I'm gonna admire their beauty on next Sunday. It's actually an excuse for drinking anyway, but it's good day!


Lori said...

"under the cherry blossom there is a corpse"??? You see, my dear, it's this kind of traditional (?) thought that makes the rest of the world so...fascinated by Japan!

don't drink too much! :-)

Takako said...

haha, thank you for caring about me my dearly friend! I'll take your much as possible.
I was walking under cherry blossomes today, and it was just bigining of falling flowers. I felt being swathed by them.
I took many pictures of the flowers but it's impossible to show the atmosphere...I think not only alcohol but their charm make people intoxicated.