Thursday, April 24, 2008


Now I got a letter of recommendation for a scholarship.
It must be really grateful thing,,,but this is a little heavy. I need to pass other test and interview, moreover a high score of TOEFL is required. I'm not sufficient for that now.
I'm stressed a little, and afraid of if I fail,,, Every time I face to the situation I'd be evaluated, I get so nervous. I think I'm really afraid of disappoint or being disappointed. I hate how I'm weak mentally.
However, I need to get over this, at least deal with this better, since I cannot avoid this kind of situation which appears many times in my life. I should not escape from this fear,,,
The only thing I can do now is studying English for the test. And keep going on normal student life.

Spring has come, and everything is moving. There is a party today for freshmen who start their new step for their future in our college.
I gotta make an action for my future also.

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