Wednesday, March 26, 2008

love affair

I hear some love issues thesedays from friends. I don't know why they come in one time though, it's kind of rush hour?? Maybe because of the season, spring,,,,

One of the stoï½’ies is from an artist, my female friend. Her boyfriend is an artist also, and he is being popular as a young artist now. Meanwhile my friend is a talented girl who has deserved some prizes so far.
They love each other a lot, but they cannot keep going on their relationship. Becasue they're into Art so much, they are not able to deal both things.
Once they broke up and weren't in toutch for a year. But they met in the boy's graduation exhibition. Being awkward, they talked and spent some time together surrounded with their friends. They know they're still in love each other, but not knowing what to do.
According to my friend, she relys on him when she is in tension from her work. Well, it's not a cuddle, but a dispute. And it's same about him.
It's difficult and pity.
They admit their works each other, and are jealous each other. They love each other and hurt each other. Their timings don't match well when they're serious to their works, and they cannot abandon their life works.

I said to her "let it be now, because it's important time for you. you should be cncentrate on yourself. The time goes, the situation changes. we'll see."
I'm not sure it cause a good after, but I'm sure that there is nothing to do now.
The love relationship is such a deeply hard thing as much as they are serious to their live.

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