Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm just back from trip in France.
I was in a big trouble the first days, but with many hands, I'm here in safe. I write some about my journey.
The very second day, I was robbed all my cash at the hostel. Big trouble. So I contacted with a japanese friend in Paris and begged her help and e-mailed to parents to send money. Accidentaly as the hostel roommates there were Japanese travellers who missed their plane to get back to Japan, they helped me a lot also. well, all of us were in trouble, so that they might feel sympathy. In many ways, Japanese people are really kind. It's really hard thing to lend money someone notwithstanding being in trouble themselves.
Anyway in 2 days, this problem was sloved. so I decided to have a short trip to Lyon since I was fed up with a big city such as Paris.I said good-bye to my Japanese roommates and other friends in the hostel, left to Lyon.
My aim in Lyon was the Palais ideal du facteur Cheval, which is a monument extraordinary made with 33 years by a postman. This one actually isn't in Lyon but in a small village 90km from Lyon, so going there by bus.
On the first day in Lyon, which was Friday, I encountered 2 japanese boys who seemed to be in trouble at the hostel's reception. As I lined behind of them, I helped a little. the matter was that there wasn't any bed for boys for that night. I couldn't help them a lot becasue I couldn't make them girls,,,anyway they gave up to stay that hostel and went to find an other.
After my secureing a bed, I was wandering around in Lyon city. then I came across the boys! fortunately they could find a place to stay. They were on graduation journey. As we say "sode huriaumo tasyo-no en", which means "Even a chance meetingis due to the fate of a previous life.", so we had a meal together.
One of them intended to be a shef, so he chose a restaurant and explained all of the menu, so I could have really good food there. It's always good to have (skillful) friends. I like this kind of eventually encountering.
There is one more eventually thing in Lyon. The next day I went to the village to see the monument. It was Saturday, which slipped out from my mind. Anyway I got a train in the morning 6:30 and could catch the bus going to the village. Since I don't understand French well, the bus driver said something about returning, I didn't understand really but I thought he said the next bus to the train station was 9:50a.m. and it was 8:30 then. The institution opens at 9:30, but kindly a lady opened it a bit earlier. It was awesome! It's worth to see once. wierd and crazy but cool! I took many pictures,,,enjoyed it. Then I found it was about time to catch the bus, so I left the place. But guess what, I just missed the bus! it was passing in front of me, it was just 9:50. Well, at that time, I thought there were other buses. then I checked out the timetable,,,,and found the bus just left was the last bus on Saturday, ****** European business!
I ran into the information center and asked how I could get the station. The reception girl said that the one official way was a taxi, but I couldn't afford it, 50! So I tried to find a person who went to the station.
I'm sure I was lucky, there was a lady who was supposed to go there.
She is a wife of the cafe master and that master speakes English. In France, not many people speak English,,, so it's lucky again. I explained the situation I was in and ask for help. because the cafe seemed to the point for villagers, I thought there might be someone. Then there was!
She took me to the station and I could get back to Lyon. People are kind in countryside.
I was planing to travel around in France, but I was supposed to move to my friend's house in Paris soon, so I gave it up and got back to Paris the next day.

It's it a little adventure, isn't it?

In Paris, I met French students of Japanese language on the very early day in Paris, They were eventually with my friend .
They speake Japanese well. According to one of them, he was Otaku but not now. what I felt funny at our conversation, as I said it was the first time to visit Paris and France, he said "ah, onobori-san", it means "visitor from the country"! that was cool,,,,, perfect Japanese usage!
One more funny thing, my japanese friend in Paris sayes "I don't like French people but I like French culture." she has been here much longer than me, so she knows better.
I don't know exactly how the French people, but there are so many different people in France so as in Japan. Some malicious people, some kind people. Especially in Paris, all most all people are from other countries. it's not like Japan, but this makes the French culture colerful. I hear so many languages here in Paris. Spanish, English, German, Japanese, Chinese,,, etc.
My point is, no matter which country you are in, you're you. Just behave yourself, and open your mind to people. we're just human beings.


Unknown said...

Very happy to have you to meet Takako, you learnt me a lot, I hope that our roads shall cross of new.

Takako said...

let's see, Gary. I do things with my hart, and so you do. If we want, it's possible. And I try to have the road acrossed.
now then, was I good student, my professor? we talk later about it,,,a lot, ok?