Saturday, March 22, 2008

days in Japan

it's still a bit cold today . we say "three days cold, four days warm." in this season. actually, it was sunny and warm yesterday.
I knew it'd be not good thing to do but I took a branch of cherry blossom. it's in the entrance of my room, blooming now.
I feel spring coming when I smell the earth. maybe it's because where I grew up is countryside and there are many rice fields. The beging of the spring is the plowing period. By the time, I've been away from my home town but still my body knows it, even I've been putting new experiences upon it.

I think I'm consisted of those experiences which I've had so far. and I'll be consisted of the experiences in the future, which are with everything surroundings, such as people, place or time.
I'm quite skeptical for "an indivisual", since I think existance is relative with circumstances. It depends on the relationship with I and others, and I change by the time. This is natural "existance".
According to the book I'm reading, the time is the progressive, only. it says the past is a recollection, the future is a supposition or an intention, and there is no "point time" but "width time".
if so, our existances are like flowing water.
doesn't it sound cool? I like it.
A scientist said "a human body is a gas if we see it in a long time span. we eat and metabolize everyday, every moment. in 20 years, there is no nutrition same as before in our cells."
Mentally and physcally, people are in the melting pot!
Actually it's a little disgusting picture if I imagine it though,,,that's significant.

well, anyway it's spring soon!
and it's a party season in Japan, because a school or a companey starts new term from Spring. We'll have freshmans and a welcome party, and new relationship and circumstance!


Unknown said...

Ah, Takako! Welcome to blogging. I'm looking forward to reading this on a regular basis!

Takako said...

thanks, Lori! great see you here!!