Wednesday, January 6, 2010

changes in the new year

Well, the winter vacation is ending but winter is still here in London. It's snowing! When I left London to Lille, it was snowing as well. Then in Lille, as well.

It was cold when I arrived in France. I believe still it is though. I had busy, but significant days with my boyfriend there. we had many trips like to Paris, Ghent, Troy and London, and a plenty enough time to talk about what we want to do with our relationship further.

It was lovely to know what he thinks about us. I feel much easier than before and trust him more than before since he told me that he would come with me if I go somewhere. That made me feel attached to him a lot. Strangely, once knowing his thought, now I think I could go with him although I gave up something I want if he found something good for him. Usually I dislike to be restricted, but now I like this little odd condition in my life. Girl's mind works weirdly. Moreover being sure about what he thinks, it calmed down emotion. I do not think we miss each other crazily anymore. It is somehow good though I miss it a bit.

I love that my friends doing what they want. Because they seem vivid. I think if they are convinced and satisfied with themselves, they are happy. Only if they are so, they can be generous to others. Therefore I want my boyfriend to be so, and me as well.

The very best for us is each of us does what he/I want and we walk on the way holding hands. Being together is one of what we want to do, but not the all of us. Moreover it is not only about our fantastic future dream but realistic financial matter. The question is where the compromise is. I cannot afford him neither he can. If one of us finds a job firstly, the one will have a priority to chose the place. Ideally, he settles home and I go out freely,,, :p But everything is not obligation. We are free independent people, if we find ourselves being together not necessarily, we can be friends and apart. Hopefully I could say calmly "good luck for each other" smiling, at that time.

Anyhow I have to get ready for teaching practice. Even Spring hasn't come yet, the deadline is coming soon. Our team for teaching practice had a meeting today. And I found that one of us has a baby in her belly! Well, it was great happy surprising. The baby comes to the world in 8 months, half Japanese half French.

The lady met the guy here in London, therefore it has been 6 months dating. They are going to get married. I am happy to see her happy face. The cliche, Love changes people better, but true.

I remembered that my brothers changed a lot when they got a girlfriend. They became really tender, even they gave me some presents! They had never cared about giving a gift to their sister though. Now both of they got married and the oldest one has a children. He sometimes miscall me as his daughter. That makes me feel that I am a little girl for him though still nice. The feeling "beloved" is fundamental for everyone.

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bby said...

How do you do.. Well, it must ve'been nice memories. I like to travel around the world,especially to Japan. My friend live there.But it not possible to me,cz I'm just a dreamer.Would you like to visit indonesia? Maybe we can learn more about our culture's. I have a mini showroom in Jogjakarta, I fill with many souvenirs, and I usually trade them to some people who like that, maybe you would be one me them. But I'm sorry to tell this to you. Very nice to know you.
I'm very happy to get something new,like this. Thanks alot