Tuesday, March 24, 2009

before going to London

I just have 5 days before leaving Japan to UK. weirdly I don't feel it's a something special. maybe because I've traveled a lot, knowing moving is not that big deal, if I go to an airport and take a plane I'll be there in few hours. it'll be fine.
but my next studying field is language education, which I've never studied, so it's a bit challenge for me. I don't know how much I can do, but just try my best and believe myself.
before going to London I traveled to Korea and in Japan, Kyushu. Nagasaki, Saga(Arita, Imari,Karatsu), Fukuoka, Korea, Oita(Beppu), Kyoto. traveling makes me refreshed as always. I could meet many interesting things and people.
In Nagasaki, I had 3 nights and 4 days.I checked some 19th-early 20th century architectures. I found they are pretty houses mixture of Western and Japanese style. Nagasaki is quite famous for having been one of few doors opened to western culture during Japanese isolation period. so there had effect from Europe since early time. the atmosphere is a bit exotic than other cities and there are many steep uphill and downhill. Of course it faces to the sea, but they don't have good sea food, but some sweets came from Portugal.
In Saga, I visited some kilns. it was interesting to see how they manage their business now. Luckily I could talked with a potter. we talked a lot about the situation of current Japanese ceramicist, moreover traditional craft. I'm convinced that what I studied was right.
In Fukuoka, a friend who met in Nagasaki came to see me again, and we went to a shrine Dazaifu and had really fun. Since I'm into Salsa dance these days, I asked friends in my hostel to go to an event. they even have never tried Salsa dance before but they liked a lot, and we swear to practice Salsa dance and dance together someday together.
shamefully it was the first time to visit Korea even it's the closest country to Japan. I stayed in Seoul for 3 nights, but actually I just had less than 3 days since I arrived in Busan by a ferry, and Busan to Seoul takes 3 hours by an express train. I hanged around with my friends from Netherlands, one of them has a girlfriend in Korea. He was a guide of me and others. Everything is cheap as I heard, however I didn't buy anything but meal because my back-pack wasn't big enough for any souvenir. I didn't get anything but I left my umbrella there though.
after that I visited Beppu where I had been twice. There are nothing but Onsen. Since I'd been there before for long, the hostel stuff remembered me. She took me to an opening party of an artist near to Beppu. It was exciting experience. I could see how the art scene expand through people to people. Again I could talked with a crafts artist, she liked me as I talked about my study so far pointing out some problems and ideas of the way expand Japanese crafts to the world. I spend meaningful time there.
In the evening and the day after I saw my friend who is studying in Beppu. We discussed about love relationship. I couldn't agree with his idea for current relationship. He leaves Japan on August, and he has a girlfriend in Japan. He says he's gonna break up with her as they are apart and even they came to agreement with this contract. I thought it's weird. According to him, the time spend together would worth it even they will have gotten hurt by the time of apart. I guess maybe it will, but what's the point to be couple? they could have good time just being friends. I cannot understand why he confessed to the girl knowing to hurt her in the end, and himself. Who can be in love knowing the end will come soon? Ok, if they're having fun, it doesn't matter. but then how he can restrain her, or they could be faithful? moreover Love is not controllable, that why it's hart but brain. of course it's better not to make a promise in the future, it's just cruel, but putting the date of end is not the best thing for a love relationship. I don't think if they could be fine soon afterwards, it wasn't love. therefore it sounds just having fun. However they are not that kind of people, especially the girl. He says she understands this relationship, but actually she doesn't. In Kyoto, I saw her and had a chatting about this. Of course she loves him but doesn't agree with this "love contract". Both of us doubt if he will be able to say good-bye without pain. The great thing is that she said she's gonna try to make him to be in love with her to get hurt or not to be able to say good-bye when they apart. She is a cool girl!
In Kyoto I run into my friend being with her boyfriend from US. It was a coincident but I was really glad to see them together. they've been apart so far and just talked on the internet. I want to see my friend's happy face.
Now I'm at parents place preparing for London. Wish everything goes well. Even if it doesn't, I'll make it does as much as possible. It's spring time, everything starts.

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