Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The first autumn in France

The autumn has come to Paris. Well, we are not precisely in Paris, we live in Puteaux which locats just next by La defense, the west side of Paris. We started the family life since this August. I had been in Japan for a half year to give birth. Now then, the baby has come and we returned to France. Although most of the people who talk to her thinks she is a BOY, she is beautiful and healthily growing up. Things haven't changed a lot in some ways, and have grately changed in many ways. Our relationship doesn't seem to have changed, just having her inbetween us. Of course, we are less flexible and more realistic now, since we have to find a place to be. The situation is still unstable, we do not know where we will be in 6 months. I cannot choose the place to be or thing to do alone now. I'm not related to art thing, just because I cannot move around. Our daughter is a very nice baby though still she is very little to be alone. But if she can go to a nursery, I could go to school to learn French at least. That will help me a lot for living here. As we do not know what will come, I just do what I can do now. It is a bit funny feeling to find my life is not solely mine, but depending on so many people. Indeed, I knew it. But now I see it very clearly. My decision is based on people whom I love. I found it is somewhat bitter and sweet.

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