Friday, December 31, 2010

New year 2011

2011 has come. I was suffering from flue when the year changed... and still I am.

It's really calm in Japan. There are my parents and relatives, my friends. And it makes me think about future. Could I be free or should I come back.

I want to spend time with my parents if they need me. So far, it has seemed fine for them to be in two. But the future will not be the same.

My parents want me to get married to a man who is financially stable. For that I should meet the man while I am young, perhaps 20's?, so then I can charm him. It is amazing how they could be cliche, however at some point it is understandable. Because they cannot support me hence they need a substitute.

Surely the criterion is important, moreover I cannot afford a person.My mum worries that if I have a baby, then someone needs to support me. Also, that is important since the life does not have any guarantee so it is better to have a financial back ground. However, thinking about the life, the important thing is that I can support myself and he can support himself, and suppoting each other and walk together.

Nobody knows the answer. But again, I should know what I want to do and be convinced with my decition.

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